Caring for your new letters

Have you ever worn your new let of letters, had a wonderful day, put them in the laundry and when they came out they just didn't look new any more?

Well I am here today to try and help you to not let this happen again. There are a few easy steps to take better care of your appliqued shirts. 

1. Wash inside out or in a garment bag to reduce the chances of the stitches rubbing on other fabrics or getting caught on anything prickly.

2. Wash in cold water. This stops the fabrics and shirts from shrinking and distorting. 

3. DO NOT DRY! The dryer will shrink and distort you fabrics and your letters may not dry flat. 

4. Hang to dry. If you do not have the room to hang them you can lay them out on top of the dryer on top of a towel. 

5. If your letters need it you can Iron them on low heat. Either iron them inside out or with thin hand towel covering them. 

Taking special care of your letters will help them last longer and look like new.